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Why 1MS


Why choose our website?


On the surface, you may see similarity of our products and those of other providers. But under the hood, if say the other providers are serving the burger by using pre-made bun, meat pie from factaries, we serve the burger by using home-made bun from flour, meat from our own organic farm. Beyond that, there are still difference that you can see as followings.


Our website are designed and developed from marketing perspective.

  • CRM centered: tag, group, highly responsive
  • Follow-Up Reminder
  • Form designer: Free Evaluation; Open House Sign-In; Event Registration; Contact Us ...
  • SMS/Email Notify: 2-way connection, between you and your customers/clients
  • Email Marketing Platform Integeration
  • Traffic Tracking Integeration
  • Online Chat System Integeration
  • Commenting System Integeration
  • SEO Integeration
  • Authorship Tool

Easy to use, easy to learn. Automatic. 

  • All functions/features at one glance.
  • Automatic update

Easy to customize.

  • Self Changable, Highly customizable, Self-Beautify Headbar
  • Self Changable, Highly customizable, Instance verifiable Layout/Theme
  • Drag n Drop Menubar

The Most Mobile Friendly Platform

  • Build-In Mobile/Tablet support (Not an add-on)
  • Responsive Design
  • Facebook, WeChat friendly
  • QR codes for every page
  • Very fast response time

Advanced property search 

  •  4 different desktop search interface, fit different levels of customers' needs.
    • From the simplest to most advanced.
    • Daily New Listings
    • School, Neighborhood, Communities, Statistics, Drive Distance, Save Property, Notify agents, Notify customers, Distance Measures
    • Save search criteria, Auto Match/Prospecting Daily/Hourly
    • Email Notify
    • SMS message Notify
    • Map, Streetview
  • 2 dedicated mobile search interface
    • Automatically use mobile interface when detected by server
    • Easy to navigate
    • Auto location
    • Very fast response
  • Encourage potential customers to leave contact info, so you can follow up
  • Fast Search Performance.

Most technically advanced backend

  • Landing page loads in 0.1 - 0.01 s, instead of 2-10 s for other providers. You won't lose potential customers because they can't wait for the page to show up. And they know you are professional even on your website.
  • Secure, so you and your client can sleep well: our web server itself was designed and developed from ground up. No security patch, and security holes like other providers using apache/IIS and so on.
  • Highly customizable, so we can accommodate the market change quickly. Since we don't use existing framework to change it features/functions to your industry(like real estate), all codes are developed by us, we know where to change and how to change without side effect or downtime.
  • You may not see the difference on the surface, but you know it makes a huge difference!

Developed by Industry Professionals for Professionals

  • Follow Industry Standard and Regulation
  • Think and Designed from professionals' perspective
  • Understand the industry, the professionals and our customers


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